PROGRAM SETUP TIPS INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing an Arga Meter/Digital Transducer. With technology changing so rapidly and so many new products, we are trying to make your job a little easier. Below are instructions we hope are helpful for you to achieve this goal. Please feel free to call us with any questions or comments. We are here to help you. Linda Galman Vice President Sales & Marketing HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS and DOCUMENTATION 1. 386 CPU 16 Mhz (minimum) 2. 4 meg RAM 3. RS232/485 Converter - (Telebyte 366F or equivalent) 4. Arga Controls "Term3.exe" Program diskette 5. Two-conductor, twisted pair wire with alligator clips (IEEE spec RS-485) 6. BOOT in DOS MODE , 6.22 - (ref F8 command) 7. NOTE: Computer ports must be set to either com1: 3F8 irq4 OR com2: 2E8 irq3 (Whichever is appropriate to your computer setup) 8. Arga Controls User Guide SETUP (for recommended converter TELEBYTE 366F or equivalent) 1. POLARITY: Plus = RED and Negative = BLACK 2. Configure converter (see section below) 3. Connect converter (2 wire 485 to 232 converter) 4. Verify that you have the Arga diskette containing the program "Term3.exe" 5. Place the Term3.exe diskette in drive A 6. Log on to the A drive 7. Type then press 8. Select com port <1> or <2> (port where the converter is plugged in) 9. Select <1> (for HDX 2 wire connection) 10. Apply or switch on Aux power to the meter CONVERTER SETUP Note: Typically the Telebyte DTE/DCE switch setting will be set correctly if set to "DCE" for most computers. 1. Attach red and black leads to + and - terminals 2. Set termination resistance switches to 200 ohms as follows; Switch 1 and 3 = OFF Switch 2 and 4 = ON