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Arga Controls Unit of ELECTROSWITCH CORP.
      Measurement and Control Instrumentation - Commercial · Industrial · Utility · Government
      180 King Avenue • Weymouth, MA • Tel: 781-335-5200 • FAX: 781-335-4253 • E-mail:
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  Detect Ground Faults Automatically
  Set/Adjust Via Front Panel with Power On
  Under/Over Voltage, + and - Ground Fault Relays
  High Accuracy ±0.2 VDC
  Hand-Held Fault Locator
  Optional Digital/Analog Output for SCADA, PC, PLC
  Optional DNP3.0\MODBUS Protocol
  Sonic Alarm


Arga Controls' Portable Battery Monitor can be used anywhere in the field or within facility divisions. It is compact, small and lightweight, but packs everything you need to protect and diagnose your essential BUS. Arga's Portable Battery Monitor automatically indicates the instant a ground occurs. You can find the exact location of the ground anywhere in the line quickly, using the hand-held fault locator.

The highly accurate DC voltage meter relay provides voltage readings of battery, + or -BUS to ground, and ground fault voltages for protection of the essential BUS. The ground fault relays indicate the ground anywhere in the system, whether on the "+" or the "-" side. Over/Under Voltage relays are provided. Fail safe operation of the under voltage relay operates correctly down to zero volts. Time delay, which can be set from 5 to 60 seconds, is provided to avoid nuisance alarms.

Front panel relay contacts can be connected to any type of remote indicators such as alarm contacts. The system can also be interfaced with virtually any computer system without special software.

Programming the Meter Relay is simple. You can change settings anywhere, any time in the field. LED lights indicate the range being shown. Alarms, Time Delay, Reset, and Limit Settings are all easily set by removing the front panel of the monitor, which can be safely done while the power is on. Set Limits are displayed while programming. Digital or Analog outputs are also available for SCADA.

The remote fault locator produces current pulses between the transmitter and the ground fault. A pulse receiver traces the line via these pulses, to the ground. A circuit breaker in this line can be identified and opened to clean the ground from the system.

The on/off switch is conveniently located on front panel of the locator and is easily activated while holding the unit. The locator provides automatic selection of grounded line and does not contact circuitry while searching out and identifying ground faults. It also features user selective LED and sound indications. Circuitry has been designed to ensure that the locator does not interfere with sensitive electronic equipment.

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180 King Avenue • Weymouth, MA • Tel: 781-335-5200 • FAX: 781-335-4253 • E-mail:

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