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Arga Controls Unit of ELECTROSWITCH CORP.
      Measurement and Control Instrumentation - Commercial · Industrial · Utility · Government
      180 King Avenue • Weymouth, MA • Tel: 781-335-5200 • FAX: 781-335-4253 • E-mail:

 Series DM-25
 Detailed Specifications


HIGH ACCURACY - 0.20% ±1, Even at Low Inputs
DIRECT READING - No Interpolating
EASY CALlBRATION - Without Removing From Panel or De-energizing
LOW INTERFERENCE - From RFI, Transients, Electrostatics
HIGH VISIBILITY - Wide Viewing Angle. High Brightness, One Second Scan Rate
WIDE SCALING RANGE - Fine and Coarse Adjustments Allow. Use With Any CT or PT Ratios
HIGH RELIABlLITY - 10-20 Year Average
Optional Analog Output for SCADA Svstems


The DM-25 Series of Digital Switchboard Meters is specifically designed for Utility, Switch gear, and Power related industries as a direct replacement for 41/2" analog meters.

The units are self-contained, with true RMS sensing and are available in VOLTS, AMPERES, FREQUENCY, WATTS, WATT/VARS, and POWER FACTOR. Designed for simple retrofit into existing systems, standard type terminals and numbering are provided. In most cases, these meters will replace analog meters with no wiring changes. 120 VAC or 125 VDC power must be provided.

There are many options available for the DM-25 Series of Digital Switchboard Meters, including:

 Auxiliary Power: 230 V AC, 24 VDC, 25 VDC.
 Input Currents: rated for 1 A, 2A, 2.SA, SA CT Secondaries.
 Analog Output Voltage (isolated from auxiliary power and inputs): 0 to 1 mADC, 0 to SVDC, and 4 to 20mADC.
 Display: 0.6" high, 3'/2 or 41/2 digits in red, yellow, or green.


Series DM-25 Meters are the ideal replacement for less accurate standard analog meters in all applications, including use on Tielines where inputs are normally low, but occasionally full range inputs require high accuracy over a wide range of inputs.

Analog outputs are also available for data monitoring (SCADA).

The meters are extremely rugged and durable, with average product life of 10-20 years+. Arga Controls provides full applications and design assistance for any special requirements. Please contact the factory for special design requirements.



180 King Avenue • Weymouth, MA • Tel: 781-335-5200 • FAX: 781-335-4253 • E-mail:

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