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Arga Controls Unit of ELECTROSWITCH CORP.
      Measurement and Control Instrumentation - Commercial · Industrial · Utility · Government
      180 King Avenue • Weymouth, MA • Tel: 781-335-5200 • FAX: 781-335-4253 • E-mail:
Battery Meter Arga Controls is the recognized source for precision instrumentation in the area of measurement and control.

Since 1970, we have consistently advanced the technology of DC and power frequency measurement, developing an extremely wide range of instrumentation for all areas of industry including: power generation, utility, cogeneration, petro chem, communications, aerospace,and multiple industrial plant applications - virtually anywhere specialized instrumentation is required to measure, regulate and control power.

Whether you need standard instrumentation or a unique new design for a special application, large or small quantity, we can guarantee to provide more selection for a wider range of applications than you will find elsewhere. We guarantee short lead-time, fast delivery, and expert personalized service-all at costs that won't break your budget. At Arga Controls, your satisfaction is our main concern.


Paraline Transformers
Paraline Transformers is a Division of Arga Controls which manufactures a wide variety of Power Transformers available in 16 sizes, 36 Secondary Voltages and 13 case style variations for a total of over 3400 different types.
All Paraline Transformers are assembled in the U.S.A. and are designed to operate from 47-63Hz, all RoHS Compliant and many styles are UL Recognized. Check Paraline's online catalog to find the transformer that is right for your application.



180 King Avenue • Weymouth, MA • Tel: 781-335-5200 • FAX: 781-335-4253 • E-mail:

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